Macomb's Purchase

Born: 1761 in Dublin, Ireland

Died: May 1803

Married: Ann White

Children: Anna (Mrs. H. B. Pierrepont), Everetta (Mrs. James McVicar), William, John, Harriet (Mrs. James Duane), Emily (Mrs. Samuel W. Moore), Matilda (Mrs. Edward McVicar)

William Constable, for whom the town is named, became a leading director of the Bank of New York, and a merchant on an extensive scale, and sent one of the first ships from this country to China for trade. During the 15 years previous to his death, Mr. Constable was actively and extensively engaged in land sales, and had great influence with the other persons concerned in these operations. Each of his children's names were among those originally conferred on the townships of Macomb's Purchase.

Source: History of Clinton and Franklin Counties, New York, reprint, 1978, page 472.