Kinko's plaque

  • In 1970, the first Kinko's Copy Center opened in Isla Vista at 6521 Pardall Road which is where South Coast Deli is located now (2014)
  • In 2005 a ceremony was held to honor founder Paul Orfalea
  • The plaque was donated by the Orfalea Family Foundation
  • Paul Orfalea was a visting professor at UCSB
  • UCSB Orfalea Children's Center

Kevin Moran plaque

  • "FOR SOCIAL CHANGE, FAIR PLAY, AND PEACE                                                                    KEVIN P. MORAN                                                                                                  APRIL 18, 1970"
  • The evening of April 18, 1970 the Bank of America in Isla Vista was lit on fire.
  • Kevin Moran and 2 other went out onto the street to help put out the fire. 
  • Kevin Moran was shot while putting out the fire
  • At the time local enforcement thought a sniper had shot Kevin Moran
  • Later it was determined that a Santa Barbara City Police Officer gun misfired and shot Kevin Moran fatally.
  • The plaque to commemorate Kevin Moran is located at Embarcadero Hall

2001 memorial garden in Little Acorn Park

  • garden located at Little Acorn Park to remember those lost on February 23, 2001
  • Nicholas Bourdais- 20 year old UCSB student
  • Christopher Divis- 2O year old UCSB student
  • Elie Israel- 27 year old San Francisco Resident 
  • Ruth Levy- 20 year old Santa Barbara City College

2014 memorial garden

  • garden located at People's Park to remember those lost on May 23, 2014
  • Weihan "David" Wang- 20 year old UCSB student
  • Cheng Yuan "James" Hong- 20 years old UCSB student
  • George Chen- 19 year old UCSB student
  • Veronika Weiss- 19 year old UCSB student 
  • Katherine Cooper-22 year old UCSB student
  • Chris Martinez- 20 year old UCSB student

Perfect Park Peace Monument

  • monument built to commemorate peace activism in Isla Vista after the 70s. Following 3 riots, the burning of a Bank of America, and the death of UCSB student Kevin Moran.