Ithaca is home to several people who care deeply about the environment. The way Americans tend to consume food, is a major contributor to environmental problems, and some even argue that it is harmful to human heath. However, at these uniquely Ithaca establishments you can feel good about the food you are eating.

Sustainable Restaurants: This means they use mostly if not all local meat and produce, use energy efficient appliances, recycle/compost, etc. Note that eating sustainably has nothing to do with eating organic, although many of the places that are sustainable happen to also serve organic food as well.

Organic Restaurants: these places serve organic food. This means the produce and meat used must meet specific guidlines, which includes no (non-organic) pesticides. Note that eating organic does not necessarily imply local, since there are now giant organic farms that mass produce and ship their products all over the country. While there is a general consensus that eating sustainably is best for the planet, the benefit of eating organically is controversial. For more information see Wikipedia