374 Elmira Rd
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(607) 277-6790

Win Li is an Asian grocery store specializing in Chinese products. They have many hard to find items that you won't find in the Asian isle at Wegmans. Some of these items include pickled daikon, Thai tea mix, bamboo sushi rollers, gallon containers of soy sauce, hot sauces, spices, msg, various dim sum items, both fresh and frozen, a large selection of Japanese, Chinese, and Korean snacks, candies, and drinks, even live seafood. The owners and workers are always friendly and willing to help you find the right products if you describe to them what you are going to cook.


2009-06-14 12:14:14   I love this market. Its much bigger than the place in college town and the people are super friendly. I almost always find what I'm looking for. —MattHh