Licensed indoor lounge/dining area


Grab a cold one, put your whites on an extra long spin cycle, and escape into the pages of a good book or magazine. Yes, by "cold one" we do mean beer. Going above and beyond the expected wifi, coffee and prepackaged muffins, DJ's also boasts two licensed areas, a patio and an indoor cafe space with plenty of chairs, small tables, a TV, snacks, and brews by the bottle. On tap? Nada. But the fridge is usually well-stocked, with a wide array of bevvies, alcoholic and otherwise.

Food & Drink

  • fresh popcorn
  • candy bars and chips
  • pop, juice, milk, bottled water
  • coffee
  • Rickard's, Heineken, Coor's Light, Budweiser, Export, Corona, Blue, Moosehead, Canadian, Rolling Rock (at time of last edit)

Services & Amenities

  • TV
  • wifi
  • washrooms
  • laundry detergent and bleach dispenser
  • wash and fold service
  • change available at the till
  • always staffed
  • Ghostbusters Pro Pinball and Gravity Hill Redemption Arcade Games on Site


LocationEntrance and part of licensed patio
751 Victoria St. S. (at Westmount Rd. W.)

Mon-Fri 8am-10pm

Sat-Sun 7am-10pm

(519) 745-2997
Gavin Wither
Around 20 years ago