The Downtown Community Centre (DCC), located at 35B Weber St. W in Kitchener has been serving the downtown community since 2005 and features eight multi-use rooms and a large double gymnasium.  The centre is fully accessible and conveniently located within walking distance of public transit.  Visit Grand River Transit for route information and schedules.  Parking passes are required for onsite parking, please see the main office to obtain a pink pass.

The centre offers a variety of services and recreational opportunities for all ages; babies in mother's arms through to frail, elderly seniors.

Our program guide is a complete listing of all our local Neighbourhood Association and direct city programs and services.

Additional City wide program information can be found in the Leisure magazine.

A list of all city wide older adult programs and services can be found in the

Best of Times publication, along with a list of all ongoing groups. 

Downtown Neighbourhood Alliance (DNA)

The Downtown Neighbourhood Alliance is an umbrella organization of local Neighbourhood Associations that provides recreational programming at the DCC.

Working together for the betterment of all and providing a "forum for win-win situations" is the prime motivation of the Downtown Neighbourhood Alliance (DNA).

The Alliance conducts a comprehensive review of neighbourhood issues, needs and concerns related to the residents of downtown neigbhourhoods, and acts as a democratic body that fairly represents the views of its neighbourhoods.

Each neighbourhood association involved in the DNA maintains their own identity & may create their own newsletters:

  • Victoria Park Neighbourhood Association
  • Central Frederick Neighbourhood Association
  • Olde Berlin Town Neighbourhood Association in the Civic Centre
  • Auditorium Neighbourhood Association
  • Cedar Hills Neighbourhood Association
  • Mount Hope Neighbourhood Association
  • Downtown Neighbourhood Alliance & Victoria Park Neighbourhood Association Programs

The Downtown Neighbourhood Alliance and the Victoria Park Neighbourhood Association offer the following types of programs in the facility:

  • Programming for preschool-aged children
  • Children's programs
  • Family programs
  • Adult and teen programs

 City Programs

Programs offered directly by the City of Kitchener at the DCC.


Are between the ages of 12 and 24 years?

Youth Services offers free recreational programming for youth and young adults during the school year and also during the summer. For more information please call 519-741-3400  x3588.

Adults 50+

Adults 50+ have the option of purchasing a VIP Membership which will give them a discount on all direct city older adults programs and services at the Downtown Community Centre, Rockway and Breithaupt Community Centre.

The DCC is one of three City of Kitchener Community Resource Centres that offers direct city programs for older adults ages 50+ including:

  • Fitness programs
  • Computer programs
  • Dance programs
  • Sports programs
  • Art and special interest programs

The DCC is also host to many Adults 50+ 

Detailed information on these programs & groups can be found in the current edition of The Best of Times.

Senior Day Program

The Senior Day Program operates out of the Downtown Community Centre.  This program is designed to provide assistance to older adults from our community who, due to health or mobility restrictions, find it difficult to attend programs and activities at our older-adult centres.  

Downtown Community Centre Services:

  •  Connect KW provides 2 public access computers for free internet access and community resource use.
  • The "Old Vic" Meal Program serves a delicious home-cooked noon hour meal.  This full course meal is served Monday through Saturday.  Please reserve your meal 24 hours in advance by calling            519-741-2501     
  • The "Old Vic" Hair Salon offers full hairstyling services for all ages by appointment only.  For services and prices Please call  519-741-2501  to book your appointment.
  • The Tuck Shop is open Monday, Wednesday-Friday, 9am-1pm.  Patrons can purchase a variety of hot and cold beverages, soup, sandwiches, snacks and more.
  • weCare Home Health Service provides a Footcare clinic at the DCC on Tuesdays.  Please call  519-576-7474 to book an appointment.

Volunteer opportunities

The DCC has many volunteer opportunities including:

  •  Kitchen assistant
  •  Receptionist/greeter
  •  Senior Day Program assistant
  • Tuck shop volunteer

Available for rent

The Downtown Community Centre is also available for rent for meetings and special events. 

Please call  519-741-2501 or contact us for rates and availability.