Coral Gables is a city in Miami-Dade County, southwest of Miami.  It is home to the University of Miami.  According to Reddit, it "is a little more upscale, but deals can be had. Ages vary widely in the downtown area, mostly families everywhere else. Lots of restaurants and bars downtown." 

Coral Gables is  a very special city which is distinguished by its historic architecture and lush tree canopy.  Its commercial  retail center is Miracle Mile, a four-block section of Coral Way (SW22nd Street), and Merrick Park, an upscale retail mall featuring Neiman Marcus, Nordstoms and many other familiar shopping destinations. The Gables is home to the flagship location of Books and Books, one of the best independent bookstores in the nation.  The Coral Gables Museum of the Civic Arts and the Coral Gables Art Cinema, neighbors of Books and Books, form a unique cultural hub with an ongoing series of events.

Zip Code: 33146, 33134

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The City of Coral Gables was incorporated on April 29th of 1925



49,631 (2013)


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