109 Meadowvale Express is a bus route running between Meadowvale Town Centre and Islington Station via Winston Churchill Boulevard, the Transitway, and Highway 427.


  Weekday Saturday Sunday
Daytime every 12 minutes every 23 minutes every 23 minutes
Evening every 20 minutes none none



This route was introduced in 2008 as a faster alternative to route 89 Meadowvale-Subway and ran during peak periods only. The original routing served Credit Valley Hospital and John Fraser Secondary School in the west end, instead of Erin Mills and Winston Churchill stations, and bypassed City Centre through Cawthra stations. City Centre was added as a stop in 2011. Weekday midday service was added in 2013, weekday evening and Saturday service, along with Central Parkway and Cawthra stops, in 2014. In 2016, routing was changed to serve Winston Churchill station and Sunday service was added. Despite the completion of the Transitway between 2014 and 2017, which gradually put half of the route in dedicated bus lanes, travel times on the whole have actually increased from 67 to 74 minutes, and the originally planned 34-minute run between Winston Churchill and Kipling takes up to 46 minutes in practice.