41 Thomas is a former bus route connecting central Churchill Meadows to the Erin Mills Town Centre (off-peak) and Streetsville GO station (peak) using Thomas Street. The 41A variant to Streetsville met all eight GO trains to and from Toronto.

Service at peak (2014)

  Weekday Saturday Sunday
Peak every 14 (AM)/21 (PM) minutes every 45 minutes every 45 minutes
Off-peak every 45 minutes none none
Evening every 45 minutes every 45 minutes none


The route was created in May 2008 as soon as the western Thomas Street extension was fully open, to serve a larger area of Churchill Meadows than the original 49 - McDowell could. It was later slightly extended south to Erin Centre Boulevard in the west and to Eglinton Avenue in the east. In January 2015, eastbound PM peak service was largely cancelled to allow more frequent westbound service. In October 2016, the route was subsumed into a revised 9 - Rathburn-Thomas, with two-way service at all times and better midday frequencies.