This is a collection of Norwalk local urban legends. The claims posted here may need some fact checking before they can be added to the article on the History of Norwalk.

  • Grassy Island, one of the Norwalk Islands was used for scientific reserach to find a cure for yellow fever. Another claim is that the small stone hut on the island was built as a spy lookout during World War II.
  • Norwalk is the only city in the Unites States of which it is true that if one travels straight along each of the cardinal directions, North, South, East and West; one will inevitably cross over into the same neighboring state, New York in each case.
  • Norwalk was the Hat Capital of the World until John F. Kennedy caused them to go out of style.
  • Norwalk is named for the amount of distance that can be walked north from the shore in a day.
  • The Norwalk City Hall is the largest in Connecticut, and larger than New York City's City Hall.
  • During the Revolutionary War, General Tryon watched Norwalk burn while relaxing in a chair stolen from one of the houses.
  • Norwalk was a stop on the Underground Railroad.