Carroll Fife

Carroll Fife is a candidate for Oakland City Council for District 3. As executive director of ACCE Oakland, she helped found Moms for Housing and passed legislation at the state and local level to build collective power for tenants. She has fought back against police terrorism and helped to build a network of Black organizations and individuals working together for community self-determination. Carroll has worked behind the scenes in Oakland electoral politics for over a decade as the founder of Black Women in Elected Leadership PAC and an elected member of the Oakland NAACP’s Executive Committee. Since 2014, she has managed several campaigns, including Oakland's first ever slate of all Black women candidates for City Council and the OUSD Board. She was a 2016 and 2020 delegate for Bernie Sanders and is a member of the 2020 Platform Committee for the DNC (see DNC Platform)

Carrol Fife played a leadership role in the following legislative and electoral acheivements:

  • Founding the Oakland Department of Race and Equity
  • The Cannabis Equity permit system
  • Protecting the Coliseum area from gentrification
  • Oakland’s emergency eviction moratorium and pandemic eviction ban
  • City Council reopening the City budget in order to defund OPD





The main points of Carroll Fife's platform (see details here)

  • Housing as a Human Right
  • Defund OPD to fund the Black New Deal.
  • Supporting Essential Workers. 
  • Tax the Rich.


Wall Street has already shown us what it will do if left unchecked: Financial speculators will have free rein to continue exploiting the basic human need for safe and secure shelter — a need that is even greater during a pandemic. Such a move against struggling families would further entrench already terrible wealth disparities, making the promise of affordable housing an ever-dwindling possibility for hard-working families. The good news is that we know how to keep this from happening. Now we just have to have the courage to do it.—Senator Elizabeth Warren and Carroll Fife


In state and national news

Mother Jones, A Radical Housing Activist Wants to Upend Oakland Government from the Inside. “I want to create a real transparent process where I try to engage democracy.”

Washington Post, by Senator Elizabeth Warren and Carroll Fife, Families see a looming catastrophe. Private equity firms see dollar signs. (see quote above.)

Vogue These Moms Fought for a Home—And Started a Movement  “'We’re actually experiencing the second wave of devastation from the foreclosure crisis in Oakland, because now folks are getting ridiculous rent increases after losing their homes—and that’s only if they’re lucky enough to become renters. Some folks have been displaced from the city and state altogether,' Fife says."

Capital & Main Oakland Tenants Protest Investors Plan to ‘Inspect’ Their Units During Pandemic “'Carroll Fife is director of the Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment (ACCE) for Oakland and San Francisco. She told the tenants: 'If you can charge the highest price for an item that people actually need to live and thrive, we're always going to have an issue here. And it hits Black and brown folks the most.'"

MSN Times Herald Bay Area protesters call for end to systemic racism in policing, housing, education and more

LA Progressive Fighting the Coming Eviction Tsunami

Reuters 'One paycheck away' from homelessness: housing inequality fuels U.S. protests


In local news

San Jose Mercury Moms 4 Housing mastermind runs for Oakland City Council  "After sparking a nation-wide reckoning with the Moms 4 Housing movement, Oakland activist Carroll Fife is taking her fight against homelessness to a new arena — local government."

KTVU Moms 4 Housing activist to run for Oakland City Council seat

Marin Independent Journal Coronavirus: In Bay Area, homeless residents slip through cracks in state hotel program: Local groups step in to shelter those left behind

San Francisco Chronicle Defunding the police: Oakland, Berkeley could be test cases for Bay Area, nation

KTVU Hundreds rapidly respond to support Oakland’s Moms 4 Housing following eviction alert

KQED Moms 4 Housing Group Reaches Agreement to Buy Vacant House


Also see the Latest News section of Carroll Fife's campaign website



Organizations (as of Oct 19, 2020, consult campaign website for updated list)

ACCE Action
Alameda County Building Trades Council
Alameda County Democratic Party
Alameda County Labor Council
Alameda County Peace and Freedom Party
Alameda County Green Party
Asian Pacific American Democratic Caucus
Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance (APALA)
Asian Pacific Environmental Network Action (APEN-Action)
Bay Rising Action
Block by Block Organizing Network
California Democratic Renters Council
California Nurses Association
Do No Harm Coalition
East Bay Democratic Socialists of America
IAFF Local 55: Oakland Firefighters
IFPTE Local 21
Iron Workers Union Local 378
The John George Democratic Club
National Union of Healthcare Workers
Neighbors for Racial Justice
Oakland Education Association
Oakland Rising Action
Oakland Tenants Union
Our Revolution
Our Revolution East Bay
The People’s Alliance
Planned Parenthood Mar Monte #1
San Francisco Berniecrats
SEIU 1021
SMC Tenants Council
Sunrise Movement Bay Area
The Oakland Post
Thirteenth Floor Dance Theater
UA Local 342
Unite HERE Local 2850
Wellstone Democratic Renewal Club
The Working Families Party

Individuals (as of Oct 19, 2020, consult campaign website for updated list)

  • Yasmin Ahmed
  • Jess Anthony
  • Janan Apaydin
  • Douglas Appel
  • Ismael Armendariz
  • Rev. Debra Avery
  • Sejal Babaria
  • Allie Bach
  • M. Baggenstoss
  • Andrew Baker
  • Robert Baldwin
  • Annie Banks
  • Diedra Barber
  • Nikki Fortunato Bas, Oakland City Councilmember, District 2
  • Maureen Benson
  • Ginny Berson, Neighbors for Racial Justice
  • Tommaso Boggia
  • Natasha Borgen
  • Carolyn Bowden
  • Cat Brooks
  • Amelia Bunch
  • Alicia Caballero-Christenson
  • Belinda Calvin
  • Nate Cavalieri
  • Ruscal Cayangyang
  • Tatiana Chaterji
  • Jordan Cisneros
  • Lewis Cohen
  • Tonia Coleman
  • Mike Cooper, President, Associated Students of Merritt College
  • Kirsten Cowan L.Ac
  • Eleanor Cox
  • Heather Cross
  • Margaret Cunningham
  • Hayley Currier
  • Tony Daquipa
  • Atha Davis
  • Brandon Dawkins
  • Steven DeCaprio
  • Chris DeHenzel
  • Naeem Deskins, Deskins Plumbing Inc.
  • Nicholas D’Elia
  • Ryder Diaz
  • María D. Domínguez, Alameda County Commission on the Status of Women
  • Pamela Drake
  • Helen Duffy
  • Jesse Dutton-Kenny
  • Brittney Edwards
  • Joy Elan
  • Brad Erickson
  • Jasmine Fallstich
  • Mia Ferguson
  • Chris Flink
  • lora jo foo
  • Amy Fourrier
  • Jessica Friedman
  • Tova Fry, Alameda County Peace and Freedom Party, Peoples Alliance
  • Daren Garshelis
  • David Gassman
  • Jon Gilgoff
  • Zac Goldstein
  • Carlo Gómez Arteaga
  • Esther Goolsby
  • Trish Gorham
  • Wilton Gorske
  • Rachel Gottfried-Clancy
  • Shawn Gray
  • Laura Guzman, Harm Reduction Coalition
  • Gabriel Haaland
  • Zack Haber
  • Danielle J. Harris
  • Patrick Havel
  • Giovanni Hernandez
  • Adam Hirsch
  • Lisa Hu
  • Kimberly Hudson
  • Evelyn Hunter, NABET-CWA Local 59051
  • Talya Husbands-Hankin
  • Mike Hutchinson
  • Jacqueline Hutton
  • Afsana Hye
  • Nehanda Imara, EOBHC
  • Edie Irons
  • Debra Israel
  • Liz Jacobs
  • Reisa Jaffe
  • Marc Janowitz
  • D. Johnson, Painters Local 1176 DC16
  • Dashiel Johnson
  • Rich Johnson
  • Dan Kalb, Oakland City Councilmember, District 1 #2
  • Hon. Ash Kalra, State Assembly Member, District 27
  • Raj Kanani
  • Althea Karwowski
  • Michael Kaufman, Communities for a Better Environment, EB DSA
  • Susan Keen
  • Nelda Kerr
  • Hon. Ro Khanna State Assembly Member, District 17
  • Kunal Khaware
  • Jack Kurzweil

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  • Bobbi Lopez

  • Zoe Lopez-Meraz

  • Chantae Lucero

  • Sokhom Mao

  • Jp Massar

  • Nayeli Maxson Velazquez

  • Raleigh McLemore

  • Anthony “Sam” McNeal

  • Liam McSweeney

  • Robert Marsella

  • Ingrid Martin

  • Rev. Harold Mayberry

  • Alissa Meleyco

  • Joaquin Meza

  • Jasmene Miranda

  • Rosalinda Montes Palacios

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  • Yamina Roland

  • Dee Rosario

  • Sonya Rumpf

  • Kaela Sanborn-Hum

  • Senator Bernie Sanders

  • Carla Schick

  • Mary Schindler

  • Lee Schuster

  • nell scott

  • Elena Serrano

  • Leah Simon-Weisberg

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  • Syd Skorich

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  • Jason Spitzer

  • Judith Stacey

  • Musia Stagg

  • Cassia Stepak

  • Hugo Stern

  • Elsa Stevens

  • Jonah Strauss

  • Molly Stuart

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  • Mari Rose Taruc

  • Leatrice Tomlinson

  • Igor Tregub

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