City Slicker Farms is a non-profit based in West Oakland that works to help West Oaklanders meet their need for "healthy organic food for themselves and their families by creating high-yield urban farms and backyard gardens." They began with a single lot in 2001, and have since expanded to multiple locations.

Their Backyard Garden (BYG) program coordinates volunteers and resources to provide food-producing backyard gardens for families in West Oakland who are motivated to grow their own food.  The build occurs over one Saturday, and City Slicker Farms provide long term mentorship support.  To volunteer for BYG build, sign up for an upcoming build or contact their coordinator.

See photos from a recent Saturday Bike Tour of City Slicker farms.

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Center Street Farm

Corner of 16th and Center Streets
Open for special workdays and events

Fitzgerald and Union Plaza Parks

Corner of 34th and Peralta Streets
The parks are open from dawn until dusk.  
City Slicker Farms program hours are Thursdays 10am-5pm and Saturdays 12-5pm

Herb Farm

3434 Haven Street
Open for special workdays and events

Ralph Bunche School Nursery

1240 18th Street
Wednesdays 1:30pm–5pm, Saturdays 1:30pm–5pm

Secret Garden

5105 Genoa Street
Fridays 10am–5pm

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