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East Bay Ambulance was run by John Winston from 1202 - 8th St. c.1958, and Henry Winston from his home at 1225 - 16th St. beginning c.1961.

John Winston, Jr. applied to transfer the company from a DBA East Bay Ambulance to East Bay Ambulance in 1958, but that was denied. 8 They applied to operate a second ambulance in 1960, but that, too, was denied. 9 Lonnie Van Hook, Sr. applied to take over the business in April 1961, 2 but Henry Winston applied a few months later in August 1961. 4

In 1963, Henry Winston applied to run an additional station at 8818 E.14th St. (now International). 5 According to his obituary, Winston eventually expanded the business to 5 stations. 6 An application to buy an additional ambulance in 1965 caused a rift in the council, with some supporting it, and others saying the city already had 25 ambulance permits and only 17 ambulances. 7

Albert Dulan worked as a driver for East Bay Ambulance. 3

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