Charitable Children's Activities Company for the East Bay

2530 Dwight Way,  Berkeley CA

Buy One, Give One!



Earlier this year we were playing tennis at a local park in Oakland. Two of the goofiest guys on the court you’ve ever seen! By no means were we audience worthy, but a group of children quickly gathered around our court. The children began joking with us and asking what we were playing. Their curiosity was evident so we attempted to show them how to play the game. This sport that we naively assumed was familiar to all was actually very foreign to these children just down the block. This astounded us. These kids had never been given the opportunity to play tennis along with hundreds of other things so many other children routinely get to do. The fun we saw them having from our brief interaction with these kids inspired us to create an outlet for children to have more of these opportunities.  That is why we created Joatter.

That is why we created Joatter. Joatter is tirelessly working to provide opportunities to underprivileged children. Through Joatter we are aiming to offer a number of outlets of opportunity that children all over the Bay Area can access. Whether it is golf lessons, math tutoring, museum tickets, music lessons or anything else, we are working to get it on Joatter and out to the children. We recognize the valuable personal development that occurs when children are engaging in experiences like music. So through Joatter not only are we offering these opportunities and activities, but with each purchase of an activity or ticket through Joatter we provide a comparable purchase to an underprivileged child who without our help wouldn’t have been able to have the same opportunity.

“Buy one, give one” is the motto that Joatter is encouraging. It’s similar to what Blake Mycoskie did with Tom’s shoes, but Joatter offers activities and opportunities to the kids. We wanted to do something that would benefit our community here in the Bay Area.