The Longfellow Community Association (LCA) (website) had its origins in 2009 when a group of neighbors got together to improve the 40th street medians. It soon became clear that an association was needed to better advocate for the community’s needs. The first official meeting was held in March 2010 at the NOCCS (North Oakland Community Charter School).

The LCA consists of over 200 members, with 5 Board Members serving as Commissioners for 5 active committees. Each Committee Commissioner relies on the invaluable support of Coordinators, Project Managers and Volunteers.

The organization meets on the first Thursday of each month. Outreach is done to get all neighbors to join the monthly community meeting where committee projects and local issues are discussed and neighbors work together to find solutions and strengthen community. An epic example was when the LCA hosted the city’s Neighborhood Watch program and there was mass attendance to this event.

The LCA has formed alliances with the local NCPC, local schools, businesses, and organizations as well as the offices of the District’s representative, Dan Kalb, to address relevant community issues.

LCA Committees

  • Board of Commissioners
  • Arts & Culture
  • Transportation & Land Use
  • Safety & Neighborhood Watch
  • Business & Organizations
  • Greening & Beautification


  • The Neighborhood Improvement Plan (or Program, aka N.I.P.) began with two neighborhood workshops, held at general LCA meetings in 2011, to collect and refine a community vision for transforming the neighborhood into the liveable, healthy, green place we all want to live. Participants in the workshops produced a consensus vision for greening, land use, infrastructure and community-building projects in the neighborhood. A large part of the work to which LCA devotes itself is implementing this vision, through its many committees and activities, from tree-planting, guerrilla greening, and mural projects to advocating for crosswalk installations. The NIP, which includes the map of planned improvements as well as narrative descriptions laying out the community vision, is intended to be a living document, updated as needed and desired by LCA members.
  • Guerilla Greening — [explain …]
  • Spot Greening — [explain …]
  • Longfellow Mural Project — [explain …]
  • June 22nd, 2013: neighborhood wide yard sale