Monica's Brittle Chips has been proudly owned and operated by Monica Jackson since 2013, we are a family-run business located in Oakland, CA that believes strongly in community support. We are committed to providing healthier snack alternatives and use only easily recognizable ingredients that we know your body won’t have a hard time processing. Monica cooks love in every bite, and the difference is truly noticeable! We invite everyone to satisfy their sweet tooth with a sounder sweet from Monica’s Brittle Chips.

All of our Brittle is handcrafted with simple, readily identifiable ingredients. Everything is Gluten-Free, and our Brittle NEVER Contains ANY Corn Syrup.

We only use natural sweeteners! Brown rice syrup is naturally fermented and glucose-based. Raw sugar is evaporated from cane juice. Using sweeteners that aren’t overly processed chemically and mechanically make it easier for your liver to break them down than other sweeteners.

All of our flavors are handcrafted using Coconut Oil, rather than butter. Most people’s taste buds can’t tell the difference, but your body will thank you in the long run for eating less detrimental fats.

Our Flavors

  • Pecan Pie: A balanced sweet, with deliciously toasted pecans and hints of vanilla.
  • Jamaican Jerk: Vanilla Pecan with our famous Jerk, that leaves a smoky aftertaste that burns oh so harmoniously.
  • Buttered Cashew: Buttery goodness. Simple and Elegant.
  • Chocolate Brittle Bark: Your favorite Brittle, wrapped in chocolate, with a dash of sea salt. Yum!
  • Hazelnut Dark Chocolate: Heaven on Earth, personified in Brittle Chips. Pre-Order Only.
  • Coconut Ginger Snaps: Reminiscent of coconut drops from the Island, loving infused with ginger, and Perfect for the Coconut Lovers in every family. Also in a Jerk Flavor!
  • Go Go Goji Berry Trail Mix: A powerful mix of nuts, seeds, and dried fruits, sweetened with our Cashew and Pecan flavors, providing a long-lasting boost of energy!
  • Almond Granola: Old fashion rolled oats and ancient grains sweetened with brown rice syrup. An excellent way to start a productive day.
  • Goji Berry Power Bar – Our Goji Berry Trail Mix to go!
  • Quinoa Cocoa Nibs – Featuring Maca Powder, Mint and Raw Cocoa Nibs, this is an excellent nut free flavor for health nuts just like us!