Oakland on a typical day.Many of the Oakland palm trees, such as those which mark the former eastern edge of Borax Smith's estate, Washingtonia Robusta Palm Trees, that were planted in the late 1800s.  At the time, planting palm trees in this temperate Bay Area climate was all the cool, hip and trendy rage. 

Those palms that are pictured below are examples of trees that need to be trimmed.

[pro-tip from NAParish Gene has a suggestion from Dennis Evanosky on this page]

Examples of Palm Trees in Oakland

Palm trees wrapping around Fruitvale Avenue onto School Street (by greenkozi)six palm trees at the corner of Helen at Peralta (by greenkozi)unknown location (maybe same as above) but pretty! CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 by The Tens3 palms on each side of the street at Pleasant Valley and Pleasant Valley, photo by gkThree palm trees at 7th Ave and E23rd St. (by VB)Just one at E23rd St. and 7th Ave (by VB)