Hwy 223 and Maxfield Creek Rd, Kings Valley, Oregon 97370
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Kings Valley Church is the home of Kings Valley Area Association(KiVAA), a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization formed after the late local Emory Moore deeded the church and property to the community. Non-profit  status was achieved in the interest of preservation and maintenance of the historic pioneer church and to foster a sense of place for  the neighboring community. Currently the  church provides meeting space for county and local entities in their outreach activities serving rural communities, classes affiliated with Kings Valley Charter School located directly across Kings Valley Hwy(Hwy223) and rental facilities for weddings, receptions, family gatherings or our own fund raising activities.One of the more popular events sponsored by KiVAA is a pie auction held during the fall that always leaves participants longing for the next year's event. Another of the local community outreach events is a Christmas singalong held during the weeks  leading up to the holiday. We invite any and all in the larger region to come and join us as we try to invoke common ground in this age of disparity.

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"Now housing the Kings Valley Community Center, the Kings Valley Church was built by the Evangelical United Brethren in 1877, across from the Price Creek Road and Highway 223 intersection. In the late 1800s, a denominational split at the national level affected the church's Kings Valley congregation. One branch of the congregation moved to donated land at the corner of Hwy 223 and Maxfield Creek, where volunteer builders led by preacher Thomas Yost—a builder by trade—built the church in 1892.

"Around 1913, church differences were resolved, and the congregations reunited in Yost's building. The old church at Price Creek Road was used briefly as a tavern and dance hall until it mysteriously burned to the ground soon after the congregations' reunion. Regular services were held at the Maxfield Creek church until the spring of 1950, when another split resulted with many joining the church in Pedee." (Based on conversation between Kings Valley Area Association President Carol Shifley and Marlene McDonald, local historian. In "Kings Valley honors past, new hopes" in Corvallis Gazette-Times, June 5, 2008, p. A-2.)