The Phoenix Zoo is located near downtown Phoenix, Arizona located on 455 N Galvin Parkway. The zoo is one of the most popular attractions in all of Arizona. The zoo provides a wide variety of animals for its visitors from regions across the world with over 3,000 animals. Visitors get to enjoy four different trails which include; The Arizona, Tropics, Africa and Children's trails. 


History and Expansion Projects

The Phoenix Zoo was founded by Robert Maytag in 1962 and added a new attraction to the rapidly growing Phoenix area. The zoo did not start off as big as it is today, it was originally made as a personal project for its founder Robert Maytag. Maytag began a conservation program to save the species of the Arabian Oryx that was amidst extinction but as more zoo proposals failed in the Phoenix ares, Maytag's zoo proposal arose as the best for the city and began the beginning to one of the largest non-profit zoos in the world. 

As the Phoenix population grew, the zoo began expanding by adding new exhibits and other amenities for its visitors in the 1970s. The zoo now offered a This was the first renovation project the zoo experienced and it quickly boosted the popularity of the zoo in the area. The next major expansion to the park came a decade later in which introduced the four major themed areas around the park. Once again the zoo had to renovate due to the influx of people into the city and saw another renovation project in 1998 and 2000.  Both renovation projects were huge hits to the community due to the fact it introduced the Harmony Farms and Desert Lives exhibits. Throughout the rest of the decade the zoo added multiple new attractions and amenities to add to their already large zoo which included; A walk-thru monkey exhibit called Monkey Village was introduced in 2004, a stingray exhibit and a new orangutan exhibit. 

The Phoenix Zoo Today

The Phoenix Zoo today has over 3,000 animals with close to 400 different species on exhibit. The zoo has had over 43 million visitors since being opened in 1962. It is now the largest non-profit zoo in the entire United States operating on over 125 acres of land outside of the Downtown Phoenix area. The original conservation project put on by the zoo, "Operation Orynx" has allowed now over 7,000 Arabian orynxs to roam free and survive in the wild. 

Operating Hours

All days of the week 9am-4pm

Most of the animals on display are lively throughout the day. The animals do tend to be slightly more active towards closing. The zoo has many exhibits and attractions for visitors which makes the trip to the zoo last close to 3 hours if you want to se all the exhibits.

Ticket Prices 

Adults ages 14+ $22.95

Children Ages 3-13 $14.95

Membership Price

Individual: All ages 2 and over $69

Individual Plus 1: $109

Family: $179

Family Plus: $279

Four Major Themed Areas

Arizona Trail

The Arizona trail is one that is popular throughout the community due to the sight of many animals that are seen in the area. The trail displays anything from diamondback rattlesnakes, coyotes, owls, bobcats, etc. The trail is also very interesting to visitors because they keep the landscape in this are almost completely natural to capture the true desert landscape and feeling. 

Tropics Trail

The Tropics trail is where we see the animals from the tropical climate. This area includes the unique Monkey Village exhibit where visitors can walk through trees and experience monkeys jumping, climbing and interacting all around them. This area also includes the zoos two Komodo Dragons, a Jaguar, a tiger much more. The other main attraction on this trail is the orangutan exhibit. The newly renovated area allows visitors to view the orangutans up close and person with only glass to separate in some areas.

African Trail

The African trail offers a wide variety of African native species that can attribute to many visitors likings. This trail offers a wide grass area where visitors see giraffe, antelope, and other African animals interacting within the same exhibit. The trail also includes elephants, a lion and zebras. 

Children's Trail

Renovating part of the park specifically for children was one of the best projects the Phoenix Zoo has done. This area includes a petting zoo where people can view sheep, goats, and cows up close. The area also has a farm theme, so it includes a bunch of other farm animals that you would see at a real farm. The area also has a maze for kids to attempt to make it through before they enter. 


The Phoenix Zoo is home to over 30 endangered or threatened species and is involved in many conservation programs for wildlife throughout the world. The zoo states on its website ( )"The goal of the Phoenix Zoo’s conservation programs is to help preserve the diversity of life in nature. We work in both husbandry and research on behalf of both wildlife and their natural habitats." You can also see through this like ( a list of different programs the zoo has participated in over the years in their efforts to conserve global wildlife. The Phoenix Zoo is unique in which they have programs in place for adults, teens, special needs and families. The adult programs include the option for different photography walkabouts, lunch with a zookeeper, and others. For teens, the zoo offers a leadership program for them to learn about the science, conservation and information on the animals inside the zoo. The zoos special needs programs is designed to use live animals, photographs, and models to build a fun yet challenging educational experience. 

Local Species Conservation List

A list of animals the zoo has helped in the local area;

black-footed ferret

chiricahua leopard frog

Narrow-headed garter snake