Please refer to the Illinois Voter Registration page for information about how to register to vote.


The next Illinois Primary Elections will be held on February 28, 2017.

Various voting deadlines apply if you wish to vote in a primary election. If you don't vote in a primary, you may still register to vote in a general election.

     28 days before election (Tuesday, January 31, 2017):  Last day for US citizens temporarily living outside the US to apply to vote by mail (application must be received by this date)

          Last day to register to vote

     27 days before election (Wednesday, February 1, 2017):  Grace period registration/voting begins for people who have moved within 30 days of the election (see "Registering to Vote in Illinois" for more criteria and restrictions)

     15 days before election (Monday, February 13, 2017):  First day of early voting in counties where that is permitted (this includes Rock Island County)

     5 days before election (Thursday, February 23, 2017):  Last day for registered voters within the US to apply to vote by mail (application must be received by this date)

     1 day before election (Monday, February 27, 2017):  Last day for early voting

          Last day for grace period registration/voting


If you aren't sure whether you are registered to vote, you an enter your information here to find out. Miss the primary registration? Don't worry! You can still register to vote for the General Election. Your voter registration is valid as long as you stay in the same residence!

Where do you vote? You can find your polling place for election day by entering your information here.