Notes from CityCamp NC May, 30, 2013 - Statewide open data policy

Discussion lead by Jason Hibbets and Jason Hare

Who's here: Colin, Traci, Zachary, Ian, Carsi, Anne, Nathan, Erik, James, Rebecca, Alisha, Bonner, King, Anthony, Jeff, Vance, Eric, Melinda, Melanie, Steven.

What information is public, what information is not public.

Open data vs publically available data - what are the perceptions?

Ven diagram:

Meeting with Chris Estes (CityCamp organizers) office of information is interested in open data - caution on creating a policy before releasing a bunch of data

Utah and New Hampshire already have state-wide open data policies. Hawaii, California, and other states have introduced open data policies, but not passed.

The open source way (take an existing policy, copy it, re-use it) should be the path of least resistance. Here is the link to the COR open data policy framework draft:

Do we need this "policy" to go through NCGA or can it come from the CIO's office? Jason Hare's notes: Should come from legislature- survivability

Two types of agencies (in NC), those that report to the governor and those that don't.

Lots of legacy systems that are about to be replaced.

Heads up on rural vs urban areas. Tech vc non-tech counties/areas.

Strike a balance between goals and impact

Civics 101: A bill can be introduced to either the Senate or House, approved by that body, then approved by both bodies, then go to the governor. Alternative route is going through the governors office. Could this fall under the innovation efforts? This could fall under more of an executive sponsor

Who are the elected official champions; what are the business interests?'s%20Occupations%20.pdf

  • IT committee (in both houses), Pricy Harris (Greensboro), scrap NCGA for job ideas,
  • League of municipalies, wake county delegation
  • Real estate industry, NC Pres

from NH: 2012 HB-14 [Maybe this link:]


  • Get a boiler plate --> tie it to value
  • Send it to the CIO's office --> pass it to the Governors office

Are there dates/timelines? - usually baked into policies

Do we want to write this ourselves? or look at the others ands copy? Suggest: we can do better than NH. We need allies in government.  Gather "transperency" focused organizations/agencies who are liked-minded.

Can we create this online? No public collaboration tool at the Stat CIO office.

New partnership for prosperity, Institute for emerging issues,

See comments on this:

Retention issues write up: "Addressing liability: balancing records management and open data"