Open budget session 1pm (room yellow)

These are some notes on the session help around the topic "Do we want an open budget?"

What we know now

Right now it's a 188 page PDF

Questions and thoughts

  • First thing we need to do is understand the cities budget process
  • Can we standardize the data that departments?
    • Can we make it visual
    • Is adopting the new ERP going to solve any of these problems
  • Does the city have a performance budget?
    • We want one, and we want it online
    • Reactive vs performance based
  • Does the city have a program budget?
  • Is the budget a department-based budget?
  • Salaries are already open (but just a PDF?) [find link]
  • What other cities / government agencies do this well?
    • Austin
    • Toronto


  • Submit an open data request to

Information from the City of Raleigh website

Why would we want an open budget

  • Help average person understand the scale and scope
  • People need to empathize with government to appreciate it more
  • Help the CACs understand the city budget
  • Transparency and open standards
  • Where does my money go?
  • Wants more available data


  • Colin Cpoeland
  • Scott Reston
  • Patrick Gravinese
  • Brad
  • Kevin Flanagan
  • Megan
  • Tyler Craft
  • Jason Hibbets