Why is El Paseo worth visiting?

El Paseo Restaurant is a small family-owned business that sells the traditional food of El Salvador. El Salvador is located in Central America and it is right next to Guatemala and Honduras. The owners were born and raised in Santa Rosa de Lima, El Salvador and want to share the unique taste of their culture with everyone. The place is small and feels very welcoming. The restaurant has many different pictures that show off the beautiful sights of El Salvador. The workers are very sweet and make the experience even better. They also sell shirts, bracelets, and keychains to have as souvenirs. It’s like taking a trip through El Salvador without having to leave the country and that the literal translation of El Paseo. 

Where is El Paseo? 

El Paseo Restaurant is a small family business located on Capital Blvd in Raleigh, North Carolina. It is in Capital Shopping center right next to the store West Marine. It often gets busy during breakfast and lunch time because many offices are nearby, and everyone wants to find a place to eat homecooked food that is ready fast. 

What types of food to expect? 

El Salvador is famous for their Pupusas. They are tortillas that are filled with cheese and pork, cheese and chicken, and many other things you could combine with chicken. The most traditional breakfast plate is eggs with vegetables, beans, sour cream, plantains, and two tortillas known as the Desayuno Tipico. What is also very nice about this restaurant is that although they are known for Salvadorean food, they also sell traditional plates from Honduras and Peru. For example, they sell baleadas which is a traditional food in Honduras. It seems to be very popular at the restaurant also. They also sell lomo saltado which is a traditional plate in Peru. 

Hours of Operation: 

Monday – Saturday: 8:30am – 9:00pm

Sunday: 9:00am – 6:00pm



3027-113 Capital Blvd. Raleigh, NC. 27604


Contact information: