In 1892, freed slave and teacher Reverend M. L. Latta founded Latta University, a coeducational institution established to educate underprivileged and orphaned children in Raleigh's African-American community. Located in historic Oberlin, the Latta property housed the university as well as Rev. Latta’s ca. 1905 residence, a Raleigh Historic Landmark. In its prime, the university played host to 23 buildings and the capacity for 1,400 students. In 2007, the Latta House burned and the property was deeded to the City of Raleigh. In 2009 the city funded an archaeological survey, which identified remains from the use of the property as Latta’s residence and the university. The property is managed by the Raleigh Department of Parks and Recreation.

Photo by A. Neifeld, Capital City Camera Club
Courtesy of Preservation North Carolina

1001 Parker Street
ca. 1892 to 1930
Queen Anne



Local/National Designations

Raleigh Historic Landmark

National Register of Historic Places



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