Lochmere is a large Subdivision in Cary with nearly 2,000 homes. The neighborhood features a swim and tennis club, a golf course, miles of walking trails and two lakes. 

Neighborhood Character

  • Home Types: Mostly single family homes, but also some townhomes and cluster homes.
  • Mostly two-story homes in the $350,000 to $500,000 range, with some going as high as $1,000,000+
  • Age: Construction started in the mid-1980s.


  • The neighborhood started with the main Lochmere section, and then other sections were added:  Lochmere Highlands, Lochmere Village​
  • Trends: The Lochmere Homeowner's Association recently purchased the swim and tennis club and made it available to all homeowners. 


  • Elementary: Swift Creek, Oak Grove, Dillard Drive
  • Middle: Dillard Drive, East Cary, Lufkin, West Cary, Apex
  • High school: Athens Drive, Cary, Apex

Online Community

Local Government Contacts

[From the April 2012 Newsletter]

Cary Parks, Rec. & Cultural Res. Doug McRainey - Director 469-4066 [email protected]
Cary Police Department 469-4012 - Communications Ctr. 226-2746 Crime Stoppers
Cary Town Council Jack Smith - District C 816-0999 [email protected] 
Cary Town Council     [email protected]
Wake County Commissioner Erv Portman - At Large 557-2820 [email protected]
Wake Co. Schools Reps Susan Evans - District 8 431-7331 [email protected]
Wake Co. Schools Reps Debra Goldman - District 9 678-1090 [email protected]
State Representative Nelson Dollar 715-0795 [email protected]
State Senator Richard Stevens 733-5653 [email protected]


  • Swim and tennis club
  • Golf Course
  • Miles of walking trails
  • Sidewalk and bike trails along Lochmere Dr.
  • Two lakes, one with a boat dock and the other with a paved walking trail

Nearby Shopping

Nearby Parks

  • Hemlock Bluffs
  • Maria Dorrel Park


  • What are the weaknesses of the neighborhood?


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