Current "solutions" in our local area:


These all have failed for a few reasons:

  1. Each list is trying to live on its own. It's not connected to the data.
  2. Each list is trying to do too many things at once.
  3. No data management in place

Potential Technological Solutions

Technology Based

  1. Java Based: Apache Sling > HippoCMS
  2. PHP Based: Concrete5 / WordPress
  3. Node.JS Based: PencilBlue / Keystone
  4. Meteor Based: TelescopeApp
  5. Ruby on Rails Vanilla App

Classification Based

  1. Web Frameworks
    1. Ruby on Rails
    2. Apache Sling + Frontend?
  2. CMS
    1. Concrete5
    2. WordPress
    3. HippoCMS
    4. PencilBlue
    5. Keystone
  3. OpenSource App
    1. TelescopeApp


Our new goal is to hit CED conference as a demo company as we won't have time to present during Innovate Raleigh.

That said, we've started work on development over at github, so if you know anyone that would like to contribute, you can point them here:

I've used the name parkland for now until we get marketing and branding involved we can change it up easily enough!

Next week, we'll review what was built and where we want to head next with our HQ and Derrick Prototypes.