1. Curation - right resources at the right time
  2. Integration - gather insights and capabilities by integrating resources
  3. Creation - what gaps does the insights highlight

Tactical Goals of this group:

  1. Curation of Information
    1. Aggregation (Data)
    2. Distillation (Presentation)
  2. 20% of the energy for 80% of the resources
  3. Value-Add

Presentation / Resource Distillation

  1. Kevin/Tony Who are our customers? First-time entrepreneurs
    • What is their pre-existing vocab?
    • What industries do they fall in?
    • What is their competency level?
    • What other questions can we use to qualify them as a customer?
  2. Kevin/Tony How do these customers consume information?
    • What tools are they use to?
    • What language / vocab do they know?
    • How do they get introduced into the "startup scene"?
    • What information presentation do they trust?
  3. Kevin/Tony Magic Wizard to Personalize Resource Delivery

Data / Resource Aggregation

  1. Dan Insert, Update, Delete (CRUD) Resources
    • Does each resource have an owner? Each category has a volunteer owner? Completely crowdsourced?
    • What does each resource point to? Person or business?
    • What is in a resource? URL, email, phone number?
    • Do resources expire?
  2. Chris/Morgan Categorize / Filter / Types
    • Basic Checklist, Puzzle Pieces, What are the categories?
    • DNA Algorithm (Pandora, NextGlass)?
    • Start with a small subset (competencies, raleigh region)
    • Start with a gap that a current aggregator doesn't tackle
  3. Dan Peer Review / Rankings
    1. Manual rankings and peer reviews like badges and referrals?
    2. Automatic factors like clicks or expiration times?
    3. How does this data weight against the custom wizard (personalization)?
  4. Chris/Morgan Meta Aggregator as Fall-Back Plan
    • Is there an aggregator to each category?
    • What categories don't have local aggregators?

Notes and Discussion Items: