Squid's Restaurant is a locally run restaurant that specializes in seafood, located in downtown Chapel Hill off of the UNC Chapel Hill campus. Its doors have been open for over 18 years. The restaurant features comfortable indoor seating and a covered patio that provides outdoor seating for the warm summer nights. It is suggested that reservations be made prior to showing up at Squid's, although they are not entirely necessary. The wait is never over half an hour, and, in a short walking distance from the restaurant, there are several quaint boutiques that are available for your browsing.

When you arrive at Squid's, you are seated by a hostess (Squid's usually employs local teens for this job). After being seated, your orders are taken by a professional and well-spoken waiter/waitress. The staff is semi-formally dressed and always looks put-together, with ties, dress shirts and black pants. Usually, the customers at Squid's are seen wearing casual clothing, and it is not necessary to dress up to attend the restaurant. However, one would not stick out if they chose to dress particularly formally for a dinner at Squid's, should it be before a formal event such as a Prom. After ordering, your drinks are brought to you, and the food is there before you even realize you're hungry. Served on white plates with an eloquent and appealing presentation, the food is delicious, and the seafood is always fresh.

Even though the restaurant specializes in seafood and adult-geared dishes, Squid's features a kids' menu with a wide selection of delicious, children-friendly foods. There is also a large fish tank in the center of the building to entertain children while they are waiting for their food to be served. To solidify the memory of dining at Squid's, they offer T-shirts with a clever fish design and 'Squid's Restaurant' written across the fish.

If you are looking for an informal but delicious and comfortable dining experience for the entire family and for people of all ages, Squid's is the way to go.

Fun Facts!

Squid's won Best Restaurant in the Triangle from Metro Magazine.

It has four sister restaurants around the area: Mez, 518 West, 411 West, and Spanky's


Directions, dinner hours, and other contact information for Squid's are provided on the restaurant's website.

The Menuincluding wine lists, is also provided on the website.


1201 Fordham Blvd Chapel Hill, NC 27514
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