• Current android app pulls down data near your current location.  Uses Google geocoder API to get an address, then accesses GIS portal to get polygon, another call to get center point, another call...
  • Goals:  Integrate more datasources, iPhone version


  • Add trianglewiki content to mixare app.  Essentially becomes a mobile wrapper around trianglewiki.
  • TriangleWiki is becoming the datasource.  How can one get coordinates from trianglewiki?  LocalWiki developers are working on an API.
  • Playground information: which ones have asphalt vs woodchips?
  • Where's the closest swingset?
  • Crime information
  • Fire hydrants
  • Integrate "City of Raleigh Events" RSS feed.  May have addresses located there which could be geocoded.


  • intewikitude - location-based interface to Wikipedia.  You can also upload your own content.  Pulls in geotagged application
  • mixare - open source augmented reality application, takes data from twitter, openstreetmaps, custom URLs.  iPhone and Android versions.
  • LocalWiki developers are working on adding a geocoding feature
  • Raleigh GIS data available at
  • Eventful
  • WRAL out and about