3167 St. Stephens Drive, Anderson, CA
(530) 365-1429
(530) 365-3039

Sacred Heart Elementary School is a Catholic Private School in Anderson California. It is located very close to Sacred Heart Catholic Church. Sacred Heart Parish, in cooperation with the Sisters of Mercy, founded Sacred Heart School in 1964. Originally a K-8 school, in 1987, their state licensed preschool program opened its doors. In the mid 1990's, the middle school grades were transferred to the new St. Francis Middle School, located in Palo Cedro, California. As mandated by the Diocese of Sacramento in January 2005, the middle school has been phased back into the elementary school. In the Fall of 2005, Sacred Heart School included a Transitional Kindergarten Class, fulfilling the needs of children who fall into the level between preschool and kindergarten due to age or intellectual development. As of school year 2007-08, Sacred Heart School educates children in preschool through eighth grades, including an Extension Program open before and after regular school hours.