There are many different places to park in the downtown Reno area. However with each parking garage comes a different fee, validation, or event. Below are the major parking garages from Court Street to 6th Street. Click on each location below for additional information.

  1. The Parking Gallery
  2. Eldorado Parking Garage
  3. Silver Legacy Parking Garage
  4. Circus Circus Parking Garage 1
  5. Circus Circus Parking Garage 2
  6. Cal-Neva Parking Garage 1
  7. Cal-Neva Parking Garage 2
  8. National Bowling Stadium
  9. Harrah's Parking Garage
  10. East Second Street Parking Garage
  11. Parking on the street

Have you received a ticket? Click here to pay it. 

Please note due to Reno Ace's Baseball games parking garage fees will change. Click here to see a schedule of game days.

Do you have questions or comments about any parking facility in Reno? Contact The City of Reno.