Image obtained from the City of Sacramento

Park Location
3828 Samuelson Way
9.12 undeveloped acres
Features (to be included)
• Aeronautical theme
• Large group picnic area
• Shade structure
• Two grass volleyball courts
• Two horseshoe courts
• Full basketball court
• Two 60' Little League fields
• Fitness course

The design of Airfield Park is an aeronautical theme. The playground will have an aeronautical design; and the walkways are layered out like air runways with straight lines and large sweeping curves. The park will also include a large group picnic area with shade structure, two grass volleyball courts, two horseshoe courts, a full basketball court, two 60' little league fields, and a fitness course. A restroom will be bid as an additive alternate, and added only if funding allows. The sports field lighting and second small group picnic area will be future items.

Description from the City of Sacramento's Parks and Rec website

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