5810 Folsom Blvd., Sacramento
9 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday through Saturday
10 a.m. to 6 p.m., Sunday
(916) 736-3800

Corti Brothers is a specialty and gourmet supermarket. It has a good selection of wine, cheese, and spirits, especially those brands that are hard to find.  It also has one of the best deli and meat counters in the region. Corti Brothers once had four stores in the 80s, but the Folsom Blvd store was the last store. They first occupied that building in 1970 and have had a month-to-month lease since 1988.

The store was going to lose its lease on its store on September 30, 2008. However, the new tenant Good Eats decided to pull out of the deal. Good Eats posted an ad in the Sacramento Bee explaining their side of the story. They do not want to see Corti Brothers close. The new tenant was supposed to be a gourmet bistro-market called Good Eats which is planned by a partnership including Michael Teel, a former chief executive of Raley's. (Please note that Raley's is not involved in the Good Eats chain. Michael Teel just happens to be the former CEO of Raley's.)

The landlord realized that Good Eats was willing to pay twice the rent that Corti Brothers pays so the landlord decided to terminate the Corti Brothers lease. Now that Good Eats has pulled out of the deal, the landlord does not have another business that is willing to pay twice the rent of Corti Brothers. For now, it seems that Corti Brothers might be staying. However, it is not known if the landlord is seeking another business to rent the space.




2008-09-08 11:00:36   It's sad that they lost their lease. Really it's a great place to shop for good quality food. So let's support them in any way possible. Check out these blogs about the rally:

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