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Disability Rights of California is a program that helps people with special needs rights. 2010 marked the 20th anniversary of the Americans with Disability Acts. The act helps people with special needs move from an institution out into the community. Just because a person has special needs doesn't mean that they cannot be a part of a society.

Disability Rights California works with high school graduates in sending them off to college and making sure they are supervised and they transition smoothly into college life.

Disability Rights of California also helps protect those with disabilities in the work place by providing legal services and whatever other help they need.


Donations will help DRC protect equality, dignity, freedom, and independence for people with disabilities.

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Success Stories

Jim White is the last of the 16 named plaintiffs of the Capitol People First case to move into the community. Filed by Disability Rights California and other advocacy groups to protect the civil rights of people with developmental disabilities, the case settled in 2009. The case settlement requires that Jim and nearly 7000 other Californians living in institutions and large facilities be informed about and helped to implement their right to choose where to live.

Jim White now lives in his own place in Lakeport, a resort town in Lake County. For a long time, he lived at the Sonoma Developmental Center, located a few miles away. Jim was first placed in an institution when he was 13 and in 2010, at age 69, he moved out.

Today, he lives in a small bungalow with staff. They provide support for his new life, so he can shop for food and arrive on time for his job. Jim works part time answering the phone at an office in Lakeport.

Jim likes his job and is very happy with his new home in the community.