Sacramento County Office of Education, P.O. Box 269003
(916) 733-8333 24 hour hotline
Executive Director
Hilary Krogh

Project TEACH was established as a model program following the recommendations of the Sacramento County Task Force for the Education of Homeless Children in 1990. Caring collaborative partners formed Project TEACH to help meet the challenges of promoting the educational success of children who are experiencing homelessness. As a county office of education program, Project TEACH collaborates with school districts and community agencies. Public awareness resources are disseminated to agencies and school districts.

A Project TEACH staff person carries out the duties of the homeless liaison. Families and unaccompanied youths are identified as eligible for services. The parent or guardian is informed of the educational opportunities and rights of their children. Project TEACH supports the involvement of parents in education. Project TEACH coordinates services with school districts, including the collection of data from each liaison. There were 8,803 children experiencing homelessness in Sacramento County during the 2009-10 school year.

Project TEACH prioves FREE help to keep your child in school by providing transportation, school supplies, and other needed assistance. They keep homeless families connected with school. Includes assisting unaccompanied youth in staying in school.

Project TEACH serves all County of Sacramento school districts.

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