Tree Associates are arborists who provide expert opinion regarding landscape trees in Sacramento and throughout northern California. They provide a wide range of tree services including tree surveys, tree health assessment, tree risk and root damage evaluation, tree preservation, tree management, expert witness testimony and forensic expert services. Their clientele include homeowners, businesses and government organizations.

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Aerial Risk Assessment on Elm Trees in Downtown

I conducted a Risk Assessment including an aerial inspection of five elms in downtown Sacramento for an environmental consulting firm. I utilized Solano Shade Tree Preservation for aerial lift and climber assistance. My report provided a summary of the risk associated with the trees and risk mitigation recommendations.



Diagnosis of Dieback in a Norway Maple

Tree Associates was asked to diagnose the cause of dieback in a Norway Maple at a residence owned by Bob on Hawthorn Road in Sacramento. Large growths on the trunk and limbs were galls formed by a bacteria which generally does not cause dieback when found on this part of a tree. John Lichter found that the distribution of irrigation water was poor and many portions of the tree's root system were entirely dry. Another factor contributing to the dieback of the maple tree was the recent removal of a large oak tree that previously shaded it. The irrigation system has been repaired and hopefully the tree's condition will improve although it may take a few years.


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