The Sacramento Wiki, aka SacWiki, is an open, freely editable wiki with some important issues for classroom uses. We ask teachers and photographers to please consider the material presented in this guide prior to making any class assignments or taking photographs for SacWiki.

Also see other ways to help edit the wiki.

Getting Started

  1. Create your own account using your first and last name so that you can receive proper credit for your photography - create an account! (The importance of using your RealName cannot be underestimated.)

  2. Photo Requests has a list of all pages that are in need of a photo. If you'd like to, you can create a new page for your photograph - just make sure the page doesn't already exist by searching for it using the search tab on the top right-hand side.

  3. After you click the Edit button for a page, click the "Image" button on the toolbar to add an image to the page.

  4. If you have issues or questions, leave a comment on an admin's user page (edit it and leave a note at the bottom of the page) - for example, NicholasBarry. Admins are here to help out!