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Playing in San Jose.

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Neighborhood Parks

San Jose Neighborhood Parks open at sunrise and close one hour after sunset. 

Park Rules Prohibit:

 1. Engaging in Commercial Activity - Except by Permit
 2. Vehicles Without Specific Authorization.
 3. Performing, Entertaining or Exhibiting- Except by Permit.
 4. Feeding of or Tamoering With Wildlife.
 5. Using Illegal Drugs, alcohol or Smoking
 6. Amplified Sound.
 7. Guns, Dangerous Instruments and Fireworks.
 8. Vandalism to City Property such as Graffiti, Tagging, Burning, Carving.
 9. Littering, Unauthorized Dumping or Dumping of Residential Garbage.
10. Entering Park After Closing.
11. Use of "Air Jumpers","Bounce Houses" or "Inflatable Houses" -Except by Permit in Designated Areas.
12. Dogs Off Leash - Except in Designated Areas Where Posted.
13. Outdoor Fires - Except in Designated Areas.
14. Powered Model Airplanes, boats, Cars, Rockets, Motorized Scooters.
15. Food and Clothing Distribution
16. Skateboarding, Roller-Skaking and In-Line Skating on Park Structures,
    Furniture or Hard Courts.
17. Organized Sports - Except in Designated Areas.
18. Camping in Public Parks or Park Lands.
19. Golf or Practice of Golf.
20. Overnight Parking in Parking Lots.
21. Tampering with Pest/Bait Stations.
San José Municipal Code section 13.44.020

City of San Jose - Parks

Regional Parks

San Jose Regional Parks open at 8:00am and close half an hour after sunset.

City of San Jose - Parks

Santa Clara County Parks

The County of Santa Clara - Parks and Recreation

Open Space Preserves

Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District

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