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Welcome to the LocalWiki for the 95033 area in the beautiful Los Gatos / Santa Cruz Mountains in California, USA ! This project is an interconnected community effort to explore, discuss and compile anything and everything about our area — especially the many little enjoyable things that make us love where we live.  You're invited to share what you know about the 95033 community and the whole world!  This is a guide written by YOU

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Life in the Mountains

Things to do: Check out the Events Calendar , see the locally generated List Of Places To Visit, Restaurants, and Wineries.  And, for Halloween, there are 2 spots:  Villa Del Monte and Summit Woods.

Community Organizations: Join one from the list of Local Organizations

Schools and Education are important! Look at our list of Educational links

Local Businesses need support. Our list of Local Businesses includes groceries stores, food, media, wineries, vets, and more

Local Points of Interest are many and varied.  Read about Neighborhoods/AreasParks/Open Spaces, Local RoadsOther Landmarks.  Google Map of 95033 Landmarks.

Local Topics of Interest:  Mountain TerminologyEmergency InformationRoad Closure Information, Firewood, Animals and Plants, Propane, Solar Power, Books (about the area), Basics of Living in the Mountains, Useful Links and Phone Numbers, Recommended Mountain Service Providers, Missing Pets, Weather Information

Government and Politics:  Information about Government, Demographics, Economics

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This site was started on March 13, 2015 based on an email chain on the 95033Talk email list.  That email list generated a lot of buzz and spawned an idea that we hope takes off.  Thanks for joining us in this effort.   Let's make this 95033Wiki the place where we can appreciate our beloved mountains, create community, and share our collective knowledge.

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Highway 17
Villa Del Monte