Mayflower Park Hotel, 405 Olive Way, Seattle, WA 98101
11:30am-2am (7 days a week)
Price range
Cocktails are about $10-12 (drink specials $6)

Oliver's has some of the best cocktails in the city. Some of the perks: free peanuts, free appetizers during happy hour every day except Sunday (I think they put finger food out around 4 and then it's there until it's gone), and daily drink specials.  The most common drink specials that I've encountered are Daiquiri and Moscow Mule - both $6 - and both are great. I didn't know Daiquiris could be made without a blender until I came here and it is mucho delicious. The bartender Patrick is a character (and occasionally gives free samples of tasty boozes), so I highly recommend sitting at the bar if he's there. He usually has a good story or two. The food here is overpriced and the menu is limited, so unless peanuts and cocktails are enough to tide you over you might want to grab a bite beforehand.

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