Welcome to City Knowledge Share!

We're having a day of writing and collaborative research, and we want your contributions! We'll be focusing on all the ways you can communicate with the government - about policies, tenant rights, and much more! If you've worked for the government or used government services, you definitely have the knowledge and stories to share (and just remember, if you've gone to a park, taken public transit, or even walked down the street - you've used government services!). Learn more and RSVP at http://cityknowledgeshare.splashthat.com/.

Important Info

Wifi: Codeguest Password: 9&Howard

Help documents: http://localwiki.net/main


10amMarina Kukso, co-founder of OaklandWiki and Managing Director of LocalWiki, speaks on the importance of open knowledge and gives a demo on how to edit the wiki. 

10:30am We'll do a quick group brainstorm to come up with topics that people are interested in writing about and then get into pairs or groups to start gathering and writing information.

1pm Lunch!

2pm Back to editing!

4:30pm Reconvene into big group. We'll display the history of edits made throughout the day and people will be able to share what they worked on, what they learned, and what gaps remain.

Questions we want answered

What we're working on

  • how condos happen
  • utility buildings
  • city services for tenants
  • biking and bike routes
  • city departments and guides to getting different services from the city


Potential topics to write about...

Please add any potential topics that would be good to write about during City Knowledge Share here. Be as creative as you like! To add to this list, click "Edit" at the top.

  • How-to's: rental assistance, homelessness, medical care, job assistance, and more.
  • City offices and departments
  • elected officials
  • money in politics
  • city processes: neighborhood plans and how they get approved, how a new building gets approved, etc.
  • add more here!