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Lowell High School may be one of the more famous high schools in the city. Ranked 51st in the nation[], it is an academically rigorous environment to help some of the top students in the city excel, though the students (both present and former) may disagree with that statement. 

Unlike most schools that use a block system, Lowell uses a mod system that has evolved so much it's best to just let the school explain it.  [] ​ The long and short of it is that class end-times vary per day so as to provide equal amounts of instructional time for each class.  

In keeping with the college theme, Lowell students plan and schedule their own courses for the academic year (pending approval from the department and counselors). Self-scheduling, as it is called, is one of the more interesting events in a Lowell student's life, occurring twice per year. Students are organized into rotating groups by first letter of last name and released into the gym at staggered times to avoid any one group with a rather popular surname dominate the scheduling​. This has had an effect similar to that of a warzone where people rush from table to table in an effort to get Mr. X for one class and Ms. Y for another. 




Daniel Handler: Author of the "A Series of Unfortunate Events" and "The Basic Eight" among many other books. The latter title takes place at a fictionalized version of the school and drew much rumor-mongering over who was who. 

Margaret Cho: Attended the school before transferring to the School of the Arts.

Stephen Breyer: Supreme Court justice who returned for a visit in 2007 or 2008

Naomi Wolf


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