A group of "newbies" assembles Arduinos at a workshop titled "Arduino for Total Newbies" at Noisebridge. Photo by Mitch Altman, CC-SA

2169 Mission Street
Whenever people are there
(415) ???-????
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Wheelchair accessibility

Noisebridge is a hackerspace in San Francisco's Mission District. It is dedicated to making and learning. Classes cover everything from programming to sewing to electronics to fermentation.

Noisebridge Culture

People make a place, and if one thing can be said about Noisebridge, the people are interesting. The tech community either loves or hates Noisebridge, and some of the tall tales of its members exploits are actually reality. Yes, someone really did get trapped in the elevator, and this is a place where Wikileaks happened. The rough edges keep Noisebridge lovable in an age when hacker culture has gone mainstream.

There are no rules, although the most unspoken rule is that there is no overt authority. Try to command people and suffer the consequences! They're total pirates. People love to debate, and the space has had trouble enforcing its no living in Noisebridge rule, which has resulted in all sorts of interesting situations.


Well meaning people visit Noisebridge from time to time trying to understand it. This can be an often humorous mix of corporate people and Noisebridge pirates. Sometimes people on the street drop by and it can be pretty rowdy. It's a great place for foreigners to get perplexed by wacky Americans.

Legends of Noisebridge

There are all sorts of interesting incidences which in retelling have become even more interesting. Please add to this page.

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