The Botanical Garden is a beautiful area that can be found in a section of the Springfield  Park District's Washington Park. It is a place for both enjoyment and education. 


1740 West Fayette Avenue

Springfield, IL 62704

Hours of Operation
Monday-Friday 12:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Saturday-Sunday 12:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Closed on all state holidays.

Admission Fees


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Washington Park was established in 1902 and at that same time a greenhouse was built to provide bedding plants for the outdoor floral displays. In the 1960s work greenhouses were built on the hill, which occupies 20 acres of the northwest corner of Washington Park's 150 acre space. In 1962 a 3,500 plant Rose Garden was dedicated around the same time the Thomas Rees Memorial Carillon was built. The Conservatory or Horticultural Center was built in 1972. The Springfield Park District Board of Trustees voted unanimously to establish this area of the park as the Washington Park Botanical Garden in 1985. On October 4, 2008, the Springfield Angel of Hope was donated to the Botanical Gardens by NFP. This statue honors the lives of all children that have passed too soon and serves as a place for hope and healing for all those dealing with this loss.

About the Gardens

The garden is open year round and is one of Central Illinois major horticultural attractions, including 20 acres of land with more than 1,800 species of plants, and 10 specific garden areas along with the Conservatory. The Conservatory is a glass dome with a 50 foot diameter with over 150 species of plants in its doors. The Botanical Garden features 9,000 square feet of indoor garden area, Outside of the conservatory you can find  wide variety of gardens, including a 5,000 plant rose garden. Some others include an iris garden, perennial border, Betty Mood Smith Rockery, monocot garden, peony collection, shade garden and Roman Cultural and Lean-to-Grow garden. On a regular day there are about 300 guests through the Botanical Garden doors. This number varies based on weather and events.


Renting the Space

The park district rents out several different spaces for things such as wedding receptions, business meetings, bridal showers, baby showers, family reunions, birthday parties, and a ton more. In order to rent the Botanical Gardens here is the needed information:

Max People Min Rental Basic Fee Additional Hour Contact
120 2.5 hours $340 (R)  $440 (NR) $80 (R)  $110 (NR)

546-4116 (Botanical)

*$50 for an Alcohol Permit Fee and Dram Shop insurance required.

If interested in any other possible locations:


Alexa Potts, Interim General Manager and has been with Botanical Gardens since 2002, suggests going to the gardens after the annuals have had time to grow. Mid to late June is often the most beautiful time of year to visit.

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