Inspiration & Passion

Sydney Wiki was inspired by my experiments in hyper local (, crowd sourced content (  & by meeting the founder of Hudong, China's largest wiki at an X-Media Lab mentoring weekend but my passion for Sydney Wiki is driven by a belief that we need more collective collaborative & open storehouses of community information.

Not that the idea was however, it anyway my own, by rather it's the vision of others that I see real potential in.  So I was put in touch with Angela Beesley, who started with Wikipedia in 2003 & co-founded Wikia with Jimmy Wales.  Angela  now lives on the NSW Central Coast and she directed me to the guys behind Davis Wiki, Philip Neustrom & Graham Freeman who along with many others are the visonaries of the Local Wiki project.



The Road to Sydney Wiki

Vintage Shoes at Marrickville Markets


  1. Davis Wiki
  2. Knight Foundation
  3. Local Wiki trials & tribulations
  4. Where we are today
  5. Why location & maps are fundamental to Sydney Wiki
  6. Advisory Board


What is & isn't Sydney Wiki

It is a

  • Collaborative not-for-profit dynamic storehouse of everything we know & is happening in Sydney, from the sublime to the ridiculous, the serious and silly.  The people's source is hot stuff
  • The people's source.
  • Not a definative encyclopedia, but an aggregated collaboration of knowledge, shared for the common good. 
  • About 'place' and 'location' but in the both the specific and broadest sense of the words. 

It isn't a

  • 'leaks' or whistleblower website
  • commerical venture
  • agenda driven
  • a blog or generalist website


Sydney Wiki needs Sydneysiders


Care to add your head here? Sydney Wiki needs a community of people who love & are inspired by what this Wiki can achieve

So ...

Is this something you'd like to see succeed

Whose purpose you can identify with

And that you'd like to help build?