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SummerBrooke is located north of Tallahassee off the lovely canopied Meridian Road.. 

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My family moved into Summerbrooke in March, 1990. At the time, plenty of vacant lots were to be found throughout the neighborhood. Now few exist.

We could not have found a more suitable community for us. It is a beautiful neighborhood. Each house is different. There is plenty of space between homes so a sense of privacy exists, yet there are many friendly residents to be found who you can truly call "friend."


A wonderful place for raising children, the schools are the best.

Unfortunately, some road work/drainage work was completed a couple of years ago, and what was once a lovely "pond" on the golf course near the corner of Summerbrooke Drive and Preservation has resulted in a "puddle." I wonder if there is anything can be done to restore the pond to its former glory! 

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