The Center for Participant Education was established in 1970 to provide an alternative to the traditional curriculum taught at FSU.  Students wanted to explore socially relevant topics and to foster a healthier philosophy of education through classes that anyone could teach or attend.  Since the, CPE has been investigated by the Legislature, suspended by the Board of Regents, and challenged by the FSU administration.  CPE has managed to hold strong through all of this and remains today as one of the last free universities in the country.

CPE hosts free classes, workshops, and discussions facilitated by anyone: student, professor, or community member.  We also host guest speakers.  Past guests have included Noam Chomsky, Bobby Seale, Bill Ayers, Allen Ginsberg, the Yes Men, and many more.  In addition, we provide a platform for progressive student activism within and without the Tallahassee community.

We meet on Thursdays from 7 to 8 pm in FSU Bellamy 002.  We do a course catalogue/description each semester.

To contact us:  email [email protected]  850-644-6577  Office at 303k Oglesby Union