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DOC (formerly known as the Canadian Independent Film Caucus) is a national non-profit professional and advocacy organization dedicated to supporting the art of independent documentary filmmaking and filmmakers in Canada. Representing over 500 directors, producers, and craftspeople in six regional chapters (Atlantic, Quebec, Toronto, British Columbia, Newfoundland and Ottawa-Gatineau), DOC is the national voice of the independent documentary filmmaker.

In 1994, DOC founded the Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Film Festival in Toronto, North America's premiere documentary festival. Hot Docs has grown rapidly and saw attendance surpass 1,400 in 2001. DOC maintains its involvement in the festival in all areas from governance to content development and awards, and our members contribute many of the films selected each year for exhibition.

Available free to members is DOC-published POV magazine, Canada's leading publication dedicated to critical discussion of the art and business of independently produced film and television. Subscriptions to POV magazine are also available to non-members, and single copies can be picked up at newsstands across the country. To subscribe to the magazine, simply send an email to [email protected]

DOC National Mandate

1. DOC is a non-profit organization representing the interests of independent film and video makers in Canada. It is the leading organization representing documentary film and video makers in the country.

2. DOC promotes the production of independent films and particularly documentaries through activities which include regular membership meetings, workshops, the annual Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Film Festival (which it founded in 1995), the publication of the magazine Point of View, and advocacy.

3. DOC believes that the independent documentary film plays an essential role in Canadian society by favouring the expression of diverse perspectives and viewpoints on social, political, and cultural realities, thus promoting reflection and debate.

4. DOC will actively advocate on behalf of documentary filmmakers to obtain representation in all forums where decisions are made about the production and distribution of documentary films and videos. DOC representation is of particular importance in publicly funded organizations.

5. In its advocacy activities regarding documentary film and video, DOC: a) defends and seeks to strengthen institutions, funders, broadcasters, distributors, co-ops, and exhibitors which contribute to the production of independent film and video in Canada; b) favours freedom of expression, editorial freedom, and the free circulation of ideas and points of view through the production and distribution of independent documentaries; c) promotes creative freedom, originality and excellence in independent film and video production; d) promotes increasing levels of funding to a realistic level and improving contractual conditions which will foster the production of strong independent work; e) attempts to eliminate conflicts between, and ensure the compatibility of, different sources of funding; f) promotes the access to broadcast windows across the whole range of television outlets; g) promotes increased distribution opportunities through theatrical release, television, and non-theatrical and home video markets; h) works to increase the possibilities for audio-visual expression on the part of women and visible and other minorities, and promotes the presence of women and visible minority representatives at the centres of decision-making in the networks and funding institutions; i) works to ensure that broadcasters and government institutions make all archival material available to independent filmmakers freely, efficiently, and at a reasonable cost; j) advocates for better regional representation in all funding bodies, networks, and other institutions; k) advocates for the broadcast of documentaries without cuts for commercial breaks;

6. In its advocacy, DOC coordinates its work and attempts to build common fronts with other organizations which share objectives on particular issues.

NOTE: An independent production is one in which the film or video makers (producers and/or directors) retain creative and financial control and are able to present their work in the manner they consider best suited to the subject matter.

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