Toronto Bay Initiative

The mission of the Toronto Bay Initiative (TBI) was: "To promote and implement community-based projects and programs that contribute to improving the health and integrity of Toronto Bay and its sewershed with particular focus on water quality, habitat, public access to the water, linkages with upstream programs and ecological understanding."

To implement this mission, TBI is actively regenerating the city's harbour into a healthy ecosystem by working in 5 key areas:

  • Improving Water Quality;
  • Regenerating Habitat;
  • Promoting Public Access;
  • Ensuring linkages with upstream programs; and
  • Promoting public awareness and ecological literacy

TBI is currently on hiatus and not active.

The Toronto Bay Initiative lives on through Evergreen

From the 2007 Evergreen Newsletter:

" TBI For the past five years, Evergreen has helped support the Toronto Bay Initiative (TBI) and the City of Toronto’s Community Stewardship Program at Toronto Waterfront sites.

Some sites include Cherry Beach, Toronto Island and Spadina Quay Wetlands to restore natural green space along Toronto’s waterfront. With our similar mandate and vision, working together with the TBI and their large base of committed volunteers has been both a productive and rewarding experience for Evergreen.

When the Toronto Bay Initiative approached Evergreen earlier this year with the opportunity to carry forward their long and successful program of ecological restoration, community stewardship and education, we were pleased to be able to provide a means to continue these stewardship initiatives.

Over the next year, Evergreen will see that the important restoration and stewardship work accomplished over the last 10 years by TBI and committed volunteers is able to continue successfully. "