Entry from Bay StreetTrinity Square Park is located south of Dundas Street West off of Bay Street.

Description Its a little park located between the Eaton Centre, Toronto Marriott Downtown Hotel, Bell Canada building, and a church.

It's a mixture of concrete, greenery and interesting things to look at. Its a nice little oasis in the hustle and bustle of the downtown core.

It has lots of benches to sit down and have lunch or just chill out.

The long gone Lost River, Taddle Creek, would actually pass right through this park, were it still here. There is a water sculpture in the north-west pocket of the public space which acknowledges this fact. It starts and stops on some sort of schedule, alternating between giving the square silence, or ambient waterfall sounds.

Toronto Public Labyrinth

There's a labyrinth made of tiles, you can see people walking on it to get to the centre.

Located just by the entrance to the Bell Canada building there is a big piece of artwork just beyond the labyrinth called Communications

There's also The Tibetan Gate. Three archways lined up in a row that lead to the labyrinth. Interesting to look at.

Different colour tiles mark out the labrynth Tibetan Gate Archways lead to the labyrinth Add a Pigeons also enjoy the park.